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Jewelry carries significant meaning for the wearer. This is especially true of pieces with religious, spiritual, and symbolic meaning. For millennia, humans have adorned themselves with talisman to protect themselves against negative energy, to attract positive energy, to profess faith, to promote spirituality, and to bring goodness and abundance into their lives. For our Spiritual collection we have chosen five of the most recognized symbols in the world: The Hamsa, The Eye, The Star of David, The Cross, and The Ohm. This entire collection is made in sterling silver. The gold versions are vermeil (gold plate over sterling). We mounted the symbols on mother of pearl disks and encrusted them with brilliant cubic zirconias to accentuate the radiance of the symbol.

The hamsa hand, a talismanic symbol, is believed to not only protect one from harm but to promote goodness, abundance, fertility, luck, and good health. The tradition stems from the Middle East and has long had a special place in Judaism and Islam. Today it is popular with people of all faiths. Throughout human history, the eye has been considered as a powerful talisman to defy evil forces. The cross is most well known in its Christian context as a symbol of sacrifice and salvation. The Ohm symbol is a physical form as well as sound. The worlds of the physical, mental, and unconscious are represented in Ohm by the three curves. Its sound is a spiritual incantation made during the recitation of spiritual texts and prayer, in ceremonies of rites of passages, and during meditative and spiritual activities such as yoga.

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