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religious Judaica

It has always been my honor to work with Jewish Museums and Temple shops. I feel as though it is a mitzvah to help them make money to support their missions. Designing beautiful Judaic keepsakes is joyful. I especially love to imagine what a bat-mitzvah might love and wear for a lifetime. To that end, I have recently created a sterling collection with mother-of-pearl disks that prominently features hamsas, protective eyes, and Jewish stars. Designing for The US Holocaust Memorial Museum is especially meaningful. The ʺZachorʺ (remember) star clearly recalls the badges worn in Nazi concentration camps. The multi-colored version of this work serves to remind us of a wider variety of prisoners that were captured and killed in that time. One wears the Zachor star not only to remember the victims, but also to symbolize the reclamation of pride in our religion. The most playful of the Judaic group designs are the Judaic charm collection. These are great for pick up items in any gift shop. The hamsa, the chai, and the star of David are typically the most popular symbols. I am personally partial to the Judaica charm bracelet that displays an assortment of symbols of peace and Judaica, indicative of our hopes that we will all one day be at peace.

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