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Inspired by The Smithsonian Institution Catalog’s request for peacock-themed jewelry, I pulled out these gorgeous feather patterned Bohemian glass pieces I had been treasuring, and set to work. The fine detail and the brilliant colors of the glass set the tone for the group, which I was determined to make peacock-like without creating a literal interpretation. The splayed placement of the feathers is reminiscent of the bird, while the rich colors and semi-precious stones remind me of the royalty and elegance with which peacocks are associated.

Lately, I find that people are particularly drawn to positive and protective imagery. It is interesting to note that the peacock’s symbolism has a range of positive meanings, from royalty to protection and guidance. In Greco-Roman mythology the “eyes” of the peacock tail are protective and all-seeing. In Hinduism, the peacock is associated with Lakshmi, who represents patience, kindness and luck. Peacock feathers also represent resurrection and immortality, and can absorb negative energies.

Made in the USA.

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