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Mask Accessories


Three functions, one clever item!
First and foremost – A mask necklace; an attractive accessory to safely and beautifully secure your mask to your body. How relevant to offer a beautiful and desirable item that you and your customers need right now.

Secondly – A Necklace. We all hope the end of the global pandemic comes soon. When it does, every one of these mask accessories is also a beautiful necklace you can still wear, sell and enjoy!

Lastly – An Eyeglass Holder. All of my new mask accessories can be shipped with simple detachable loops that can convert this piece from a mask holder to an eyeglass holder.

We have launched this collection with some of our best-selling necklaces being re-imagined as mask holders. Since charms are a fun and inexpensive way of customizing a jewelry collection, we are happy to offer customized designs for charm mask necklace orders of 25 pieces or more!

See the whole collection >

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