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The Manhattan collection is a tribute to the New York City skyline. The striking metallic hematite columns are reminiscent of skyscrapers and the faceted crystals glimmer like the lights of Broadway. Even lifelong New Yorkers are awestruck by the power and grace of our iconic buildings, such as the Empire State and Chrysler. Although the material looks like it is metal, it is actually plated hematite. Throughout history, hematite has been known for its strengthening and grounding spiritual properties. It is a fascinating stone which changes color depending on its form. It is red when powdered, black when crystallized, and a sleek metallic grey when polished. The crystals in this collection are a rare find. These beauties are vintage chandelier pendants, made of high quality Czech crystal, which is highly faceted to accentuate its brilliance. The crystals shine as the star of each piece, with minimal accents of chevron links and polished chains surrounding them. The Manhattan collection features some of our boldest and most contemporary designs.

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