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After thirty years of shopping for gemstones, there is little more exciting than coming across a cut, finish, or stone you have never seen before. My heart raced the first time I saw these fabulous sparks of labradorite with their high polished surfaces and rough uneven edges. In this Kryptonite collection, the stones themselves are so strong, I only added simple sterling accents to highlight them. Perhaps Labradorite attracts me because it is said to calm an overactive mind and energize one’s imagination. I have also read it helps eliminate the emotional drain of daily routine and responsibility, and that it awakens in one a sense of adventure and change. These dynamic designs perfectly fit that energetic purpose. The other stone strong enough to fit in the Kryptonite collection is Black Tourmaline. Black Tourmaline is also a powerful grounding stone, that promotes self-confidence and allows for clearer, more objective world view. This powerful and enticing collection of jewelry is both fashionable and spiritual.

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