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Today the heart shape is globally known as symbols of affection. Love represented by the heart shape developed in the middle ages. Depictions of hearts in art can be readily found in a multitude of cultures by the Renaissance from stucco reliefs and wall panels excavated from the ruins of the Persian capital Ctesiphon, circa 90 BC – 637 AD, to heart-shaped samurai helmets from the Edo Period in Japan, c1630.

The hearts in the KJK Jewelry derive from a variety of cultures as well. We have genuine vintage millefiori (thousand flowers) hearts that were handcrafted in Murano. Each heart is beautiful and unique. Our red hearts come from The Czech Republic and are made in glass molds and then hand finished with gold leaf paint. Our lovely garnet hearts are carved in India. There are two distinct metal hearts in our collection. One was designed for the US Holocaust Memorial Museum based on a fragment of a menorah that was salvaged after a temple’s destruction. The other is an enameled heart designed for The National Czech and Slovak Museum. Their curator taught me that this heart shape was originally a ram horn pattern sewn around the opening of garments to protect the wearer from evil.

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