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When shopping the Tucson Gem show I was struck by the lovely new shapes I was seeing in garnet. Tempted by the playful teardrops and finely carved rectangles, I decided to create a new collection. The warmth of this deep red stone reminds me of inviting things like red wine, ripe apples, and Autumn leaves.

Fall is a perfect time to introduce this collection. The color of garnet is universally flattering and combines beautifully with the Fall fashion colors.

Garnet has been popular since Roman times. Recently, artifacts of Anglo Saxon jewelry from the 7th century have been discovered featuring garnet in detailed gold Cloisonne.

Garnet’s name is derived from the Latin word granum, meaning seed, because of its similarity to vivid red Pomegranate seeds. It is the state gemstone of New York, where the world’s largest garnet mine is located.

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