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Chakra Glass


Just as there is a system to the seasons and an alignment of stars in the sky, there is also an order of energy in the human body. There are seven energy focal points called chakras on the median line of the body through which energy flows, upward from the root of the spine, through the heart, and ending at the crown of the head. Each of the seven chakras corresponds with a different color representing a specific kind of energy. The Chakra Glass collection was created with this color alignment in mind, as it is believed that contact with these colors can brighten the spirit and revitalize one’s energy. Each piece in this collection is created from recycled frosted glass that has found new life in the harmony of the rainbow order. A sister collection to our Frosted Glass, Chakra Glass features a similar style of freeform glass pieces in approximately half the size. The two collections coordinate in color and are lovely when displayed and worn together. This collection truly embodies the vivacity of the human spirit, represented through the joyful balance of color.

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