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KJK Jewelry designs for museum stores, catalogs, and boutiques worldwide.

Celebrating over 30 years of experience creating distinctive museum-inspired jewelry in New York City.

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Candy Cube ​is a lively mix of rainbow hued ​”millefiori” ​glass. ​Millefiori, Italian for “thousand flower”, is a distinctive, labor-intensive glassmaking technique. Many multicolored glass rods, each with an intricate floral design running through its center, are pressed together and then cut to create remarkably detailed beads. The beautiful multicolored patterns found in the rods are only visible from the cut ends of the rod.

​Like so many of our best-sellers,​ our Candy Cube styles are enticing bright splashes of carefully arranged color. ​We create each piece of jewelry by hand in our studio in New York City.​

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We create custom collections for prestigious institutions such as The White House Historical Association, The Smithsonian Institution, The Museum of Fine Arts Boston and The American Museum of Natural History. We pride ourselves on our ability to offer well-designed jewelry, made of fine materials, at affordable prices.

Click any link above to see some of our designs. This is just a sample of our work. Wholesale customers can view the full line. To purchase KJK Jewelry as a retail customer, please visit a museum store. By doing so, you support our cultural and educational centers. Many of our clients are listed on our Where to Buy page. You can also visit KJK STYLE!

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